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Empire96.70 RTP

Empire Casino

Empire Casino is a established brand active in the Crypto space and offers various selection of live games, slots and other forms of betting. As part of the loyal customer program, low & high rollers get a rakeback that can be ...

Bitstars96.70 RTP

Bitstars Casino

Bitstars is a known and populair crypto based casino with a dozen of active players. A place to check out if your looking for something new in regards of crypto based gambling. Wide selection of slots, live games & much more.< ...

BC-game96.70% RTP

BC-game Casino is one of the newest & latest Crypto based casino that provides online gambling in the broadest form. From Slots to Live Games and inhouse selection of entertainment. Register now for free with and start your o ...

Duelbits96.72% RTP

Duelbits Casino

If your looking for maximum rakeback, the best any casino can offer, then Duelbits is your pick. This casino provides most of the good stuff all covered in one place, and we do have experience playing ourselfs on Duelbits with exc ...

50096.60% RTP

500 Casino

A new and fair casino for those who seek for legitimate places to wager big on. A great reward program for those looking for great rakebacks, extra bonusses, challenges & leaderboard events. 500 Casino is advised to use a V ...

Bitcasino96.70 RTP

Bitcasino Casino is a strong & existing player in the crypto casino market and offers fantastic deals for low or high rollers. The best you can get is a up to 20% rakeback that goes all the way up to a $ 10.000 USDT.

Why Choose for Free Casino Giveaways?

Join to win giveaways with online casino's

If you where able to find a casino that provides free play money or does a free giveaway, you where likely to play to beat any of the odds that might occur. Most casino's that offer these require a one time turnover, which means that if you would have got free $ 10 or up to $ 500 you would have to roundplay this at least once. After you are able to complete that requirement or wagering you are free to cashout anything that you have in your online casino balance. And trust us - there are players who beat the odds and actually got ahead while playing their favourite games of choice. With Free Casino Give Away we list & highlight the best free money.

Ofcourse, the free is not exactly fully free. It is a enticement to come and play at the selected offerings of casino's and perhaps you might like it. The reason why we pick crypto based casino's is because of the general better conditions in the industry and the highest possible RTP's of even up to 96.70%. A normal legal casino would yield up to 96% or in some cases as it is within the UK even low as 84%. There's virtually no limitation on the speed of spinning (autoplay, turbo spins) or doing bonus buys. We feel that using a crypto casino yields alot more fun for the money compared to a normal casino. We highlight these special brands and you get to experience the action.

This website however is not for people with a serious gambling problem. Even tho we understand the craving(s) and need(s) some visitors might have, gambling can be dangerous and can bankrupt you if you keep making the wrong decisions. We suggest to stick to a budget on what you can spend and stay disciplined when you do not win. Try again in another day if this is becoming a problem for you. Do not believe in the fact that because you lost so much on one particular casino your going to win that all back. Money lost is money lost and that's how you should consider gambling in the first place. There are tools to safeguard you from "tilting" if this is a problem or issue.

Which Casino's Are The "Best" ?

The casino's listed on our website are handpicked and based on a personal experience. Further the service, customer support and for example speed of payouts is one of the most important factors for us to determine a listing on here. We do not list casino's that paid us to list these as a sponsored or promotional deal. We tend to stick to what we know and present you the best of casino's where you can safely play & enjoy your time being. We will update the list of (new) casino's on a regular basis and provide you the best in regards of crypto. You can join the free give away as listed on our website and chances of winning is significant. It does'nt hurt joining.

When you gamble make sure your not too excited or have difficulties with anxiety. This could hamper the making of choices and only gamble when your in a positive, relaxed mood. Perhaps watching other streamers play can help in for example the selection of games or slots you might like, or after a long day of work you need some time off. Gambling can be the right choice if your up for it. In order to join you can follow any of the online instructions with deals we're providing. If your not interested in the giveaways casino's you can select our category of Latest Added Casino's from our list. Enjoy your stay and have fun with playing crypto casino's.

You might question the authenticity of online casino's since scams do happen. We assure you that the listed brands on our website are fully compliant and based on our own experience. Not just selecting of mass casino's with the intention to mass promote even the shittier brands, names out there. If you have any issues with the casino's listed on our website, you can always submit a ticket and explain your situation briefly. This can help solve any of the ongoing issues you might have with a online casino. We do not provide personal support of other casino's not listed on our website. If you are scammed we suggest to file a complaint and do not play or deposit again on that brand.

Do Casino's Cheat their Players?

Do casino's cheat their players online?

There's no need to "cheat" on customers or players for casino's - since the mathematical algorithms are designed in such a way to generate long term profit for the casino. Cheating would mean they would break their license terms & agreement and basicly risk their whole existance as a casino. Do you really think that over a few bucks casino's online even risk having their license revoked? We don't think so. Due to the designed RTP's this is usually counted over a million or if not a billion of spins to come back to the magical number. Take it as 10 $ in and $ 9,60 out. There's a percentage for the provider and the casino. This does'nt sound like alot, but...

Imagine that number on a monthly basis with thousands of active players at the same time. That 96,70% of RTP suddenly looks quite interesting if there's huge numbers of deposits at stake. Afterall for a casino it's quite easy way of making money and there's no such thing of having to cheat for a online casino. There are certain safeguards in effect, that prevents a casino losing more money then it "should" or slots can have long cold streaks. It's best to not pound on one game that constantly losing for you, but try to switch through various games. It's about having fun and enjoying yourself while playing online slots or live games of choice. There are thousands of games.

When you attempt to join a crypto casino, you have to have a few things in check. The casino only takes deposits in crypto, and only withdrawals in the given currency you did your first deposit with. There are exchanges that can convert your crypto back into $ or € with deduction of some transaction fee's. Depending on how solid the platform is your using, money could arrive into your bank account within hours. Crypto casino's online do offer to buy crypto using your Visa or Mastercard. Some checks such as verification can be in place since the law(s) are very clear to that for these platforms. This is a normal procedure and shoud'nt cause issues after verification.

What is the Best Return to Player?

It is debated alot on the internet on why return to player should be a important factor to look at. The Return to player is a static number that guarantees the payback of the slot that went in. So lets say we have a slot with 96.70% payback, a $ 1000 is wagered onto the machine, it should technically payout $ 967 and preserve in a way $ 33 for both provider and casino. The RTp does not mean you will experience it as you play, it is a moment in time and you cannot really spin millions of spins in just one session to experience the best possible RTP on a slot. With online slots nobody exactly knows how much spins must be made to fully meet the RTP requirement.

Large NDA's are signed to ensure the secret of slots are kept secret - and it's only for us to guess what's happening behind the magical scenes of online gambling. It comes down to having luck and winning something big or great. This also applies to gambling with roulette, blackjack, crazytime and much more. Being somewhere at the right time. Most gamblers can relate to having a gut feeling that today or tomorrow would be their day, and magically it actually worked out for them. The most important thing about gambling is obviously money management - try to withdrawal portions of big wins and simply keep it. You do not have to risk everything in order to win big. It is a game.

As a last word thank you for visiting our website and do not forget to share or like to your friends. The more the better and where we can continue to gather the best give away's of online casino's. If you have any succes story to publish, please Contact Us - we might list your contribution on our website with succes story's of people who took a free give away and where able to cashout money from crypto casino's. Save our website in your favouites and come back later if you want to join more give aways or play at new recommended casino's online. Check out our overview of Best Giveaways for more info. We will update this on a daily up to weekly basis.

Crypto Casino's are here to Stay

The future of gambling is crypto casino's

Crypto was intended as a safe, solid & excellent internet currency and is widely adopted all over the world through various applications, webshops and even casino's. A pure crypto based casino does'nt have all the costs involved a normal or regulated casino would have, and the RTP's for example are far more higher then what most casino's in certain jurisdictions do. We often read complaints about legalised casino's tightening up RTP's due to ever growing costs which greatly affects the entertainment, action you get for the money you are paying. Often things like max bet features capped, bonus buys removed and sometimes up to 2 business days of delay in payout.

We where skeptic at first but believe at this point in Crypto Casino's on the internet. If you are experiencing too big of a losses, and you want to continue to gamble but on different places where your odds are better. Remember that gambling is just a chance of luck and winning is'nt really a strategy to it. All it takes is being at the right time when you upped your bet. What's more important is that crypto does offer methods to quickly withdrawal and often within 10 minutes already quite large chuncks of cash. You can only withdrawal from one currency to the same one as you deposit with. For more info please check our newly listed casino's and signup today.

However, always keep the Terms of service in mind when entering a crypto casino - and the goal is to have fun or entertain yourself. Do not let it be a problematic experience in where you are forced to win your losses back. Every penny that you do deposit into casino's should always be considered as a loss when you start. There's no definitive or proven method of play to win continuus on online casino's. It comes with streaks such as cold, warm and even volatile. If you have any recommendations feel free to Contact us. We highlight the best crypto casino's in the industry which we have tried or played ourself with a positive experience. Enjoy your time!

How do i buy Crypto Currency?

In order to play at crypto casino's a deposit have to be made in crypto. If you are not aware on how to obtain crypto or what a wallet even is, try looking in Google for your local "Buy Crypto Online" establishment. Please be aware only do business with legitimate business on the internet and verify that your dealing with a established company. Once you are about to place an order, you have to file in a Crypto Wallet Adress to have these funds send to. This will be your casino wallet that they give you once you click deposit. Make sure the Crypto Currency Matches what you are buying, so BTC > BTC or ETH > ETH and so on. You can't buy bitcoin and have it deposit into a ETH wallet.

Once you have placed the order, it will take usually a few minutes up to 60 minutes depending on the bitcoin network conditions. In perspective a ETH transfer is way faster (and cheaper) then a BTC transfer would be. The currency is once it arrives instantly onto your casino account and can be used to play. Mind you that, if you deposit 100$, you have to roundplay this at least one time in order to withdrawal this again. This is a rule to prevent money or crypto laundry and which makes perfect sense. These casino's don't want any party of that. Once you played around and you have a nice profit, you are able to cashout. Now you can't just send this to the same wallet you got it from.

The service you bought crypto from will likely offer a feature to sell crypto as well. They will give you an adress to deposit that amount onto, and the deposit has to take place within an hour. Once the crypto is in you are able to convert it into real $ or €'s depending on your currency. The option to transfer to your Visa, Bank Account or even Paypal should be visible. It has proven to be very fair, reliable and most important a fun way. Please keep in mind these services would never approach you by email or phone asking for your login details or so. So do not hand this out. Your account is unique, and cannot be shared among others, so do not do this either.

Frequently asked questions Crypto Casino's

We will try to answer most common questions

- Are Crypto Casino's Safe? - In Short - yes! At least the one's placed on our website as they are tested by ourselfs. We cannot guarantee any of the other crypto casino's out there - don't just jump the boat when some random casino name is popping up somewhere. A little bit of research does'nt do any harm.

- A game States Forbidden in my Jurisdiction or Country - Unfortunately some games or providers have to stick with the law(s) and prohibit action from certain countries. However most crypto casino's do maintain a perfectly safe anonymous, and generally do not cause problems with the use of VPN's. A big win is good branding for the casino.

- Can I Make Money with Gambling? - Good question! In general Yes and No. It depends on being lucky, and having the discipline of knowing when to quit in the first place. We do not recommend "chasing" wins or just playing for a rakeback or bonus given at a certain wagering requirement. A double or nothing strategy often helps.

- About Community's & More - We've seen over the course of time that money is able to buy everything on the internet. Just because a brand like Casinomeister, Askgambler(s) or Trustpilot seems to uphold "honest" or "real reviews" etc it has given our attention that alot of those reviews where placed in exchange for payment.

- Are Streamers Real? - Streamers are often sponsored by the casino and indirectly get paid to play slots. Their action might be real, but the experience is completely different to someone who wages his own money. There fore, streamers should only be considered as entertainment, and not real gambling as nobody would stake $ 1250 bets a spin sustained.

- Use Your Common Sense - If you stick to the rules, in general nothing will happen with your deposits, money or play at the casino. Just do not engage in certain scams appearing on the internet or getting approached by people with too good to be true investments. Also avoid dealing with people who beg online for money.

- If you have Any Other Questions? - If this is casino related, we suggest contacting the support of the casino as they can give a more clear answer to it then we do. But some things are perfectly understandable and even norm in this industry. It's about having a great time with the possibility to even turn your life around in positive sense.

- Who Operates this Website and Why? - This has risen from experience in where alot of casino's where taking the toll with players by not paying them out. We review casino's on a manual basis and therefore place submissions based on our own experience with years of gambling. Support us by making us grow and continue to work for you.

A word on High Rollers on Crypto Casino

High Rollers, big betters or degen players are also welcome to tryout the above & top selection of online casino's. You'll find there's plenty of pick in regards of making or even doubling your money. Where most legal casino's nuke the industry by imposing a up to $ 2 bet a spin, with bonus buy removed or autospin completely tanked, you won't be having these issues and have full freedom in regards of high limit, big rolling or even spending quite the funds on trying to beat the odds. We recommend you Latest Casino's for a full overview. Hint: Pick the ones with the highest RTP. As for a good playing strategy we advise you to read the following tips & tricks.

Many people experience lots of anxiety when playing slots. It is always reommended to just have your head clear when you decide to gamble. Additionally alcohol and such are not a good influence since it will poison the choices you are making. If you are unable to relax try taking a walk before gambling. And keep your sessions a bit more shorter rather then going completely degenerate or losing money too fast. It is always good to spread a balance over various games. This means that, if you deposiit a $ 1000 to go by 50 to 100 spins on each slot at a avg betsize of $ 2,50 up to $ 7,50. This does spread your chances more even. Tip number two is do not chase losses.

Many people experience a utterly depressed or urge to play to win back the losses. This is generally a bad idea and we go by a simple deposit a day in order to test our luck. If it hits, great! Cashout or continue to play. If it does not hit, it's better to simply move on. This can guide you in becoming more succesfull in online gambling. Make sure to withdrawal as well when you win big. A streamer who's funded can permit losing 100's of k's in a week since he's sponsored. Perhaps you can put certain parts of that money to good use for yourself. Use common sense when you gamble online - and try various casino's if you feel like it. Let's have some fun shall we?!

Are you a Problem Gambler on Gamban or Betblocker?

Then this website really is'nt for you if this is the case of you trying to search for casino sites that could be played while being registered or active on either Gamban or Betblocker. We feel that people are responsible over their own actions and a gambling addiction is something serious to take. If your already here to find ways to avoid gamban or betblocker, then the problem you are having is way beyond your control and you really should seek alternative help in order to get your issues sorted. We do not praise people who suffer from problems and yet still actively search for the obvious, ways to gamble or ways to circumvent to still being able to gamble.

There are safety nets that can protect vulnerable players but in the world of crypto casino's you'll find that these hardly exist. And we really don't want players who will be on a destructive path. We recommend seeking help for your finances, problems or anything else that might occur while gambling or being on a self exclusion list. Gambling is supposed to be fun or entertaining, not a financial disaster waiting to happen. We cannot provide support in this regard and we advise you to seek pro help. Watching gamble video's is'nt going to cure you from not wanting to gamble, even tho there's a majority who's making bogus claims that watching video's helps.

If above is the case, the minimum you can do is Self Exclude from casino websites. You have tools for this and it's best if the problem is urgent to give your cards to someone you trust. Do not engage with messages on boards, forums, community centers about "recouping your gambling losses" as they are extremely risky and hardly knows any jurisdiction to even press charges to. There are alot of gambling scams happening and that seems to occur only when your in the most vague places on the internet. Stick with recommended, trusted brands and you can save yourself quite some headache over the long run. Stay safe and share our website if you feel like it.

Pick & Play the Best Crypto Casino's

We gather the best crypto casino's based selected on highest RTP in the industry in regards of slots. We provide the most exclusive give-away deals with free money and assure you best rakeback based on your action. Even better then the ones you are likely playing at.

Win Real Money with Fast Withdrawals

All casino's are legitimate and provide excellent, within seconds of withdrawals to any of your favourite opted crypto currency like BTC, ETH, LTC, Dogecoin, Tron & more. Make big wins and cash out instant with the amazing support these casino's provide.

Highly Anticipated, Best Game Selection

Games constantly evolve. From your favourite slots up to a various selection of live games. We keep track of newly added games by the most populair providers such as Pragmatic, Hacksaw & much more. You can even play demo versions on our website if you want to try.

With No Verification You Play Casino!

Crypto casino's are not just anonymously but they usually do not impose a KYC check upon customers. That is if you correctly play, do not cheat or scam the casino. They have the right to close your account if you are caught with such practices. Please play resonsible.